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The Broadcast Arts Museum

A meeting of the NORT board of directors was  held at 4 PM on September 1, 1999 at 1200 St. 
Charles Avenue. Present were officers Charlie Matkin, Peter Gabb and Paul Yacich. In the absence 
of Connie Quave, there was no reading of previous minutes nor a treasurer’s report. The main order 
of business was a resolution submitted by Paul Yacich and seconded by Peter Gabb to reinstate the 
board of directors of the Broadcast Arts Museum   of  Greater New Orleans. The motion passed 
unanimously. As there was no further business to discuss, Peter Gabb moved for adjournment and 
Paul Yacich seconded the motion. No date was set for the next board meeting .

Afterward, in the absence of a Secretary, a general discussion was held by members of the Museum 
board of directors. Present were Charlie Matkin, Peter Gabb, Paul Yacich, Melinda Schwegmann, 
and Warren Bell. Also taking part was Kenneth Nelson, son of  our benefactor Waldemar Nelson.  It 
is they who have made it possible to store our accumulated vintage  broadcast equipment and 
memorabilia. Several new members were added.:  Noah Robert (tour guide), Pat Tunstall (retired 
Insurance executive and former talk show host), and Sammy Schwartz (artist, musician and talk 
show host).

It was agreed that the top priority now is to raise a sum of $10,000 to pay for the storage space, as 
there is a need for air conditioning in order to preserve what we have. This amount would give us a 
year or more to find further funding. 

We were presented with plans for the building at 1115 Prytania which the Nelsons have offered for 
sale at $500,000. This could be the permanent site for the Radio and TV museum. Included with the 
plans is a detailed history of the building dating back to the 1860s and the Civil War.  Nelson said the 
building needs some immediate repairs to the roof (among other things) and a total renovation would 
cost one million dollars.  It was felt that due to the historical significance of the building, funding 
might be available from any one of several sources. Matkin presented list of other local foundations 
to approach.  Tunstall reported that he has been in touch with newly elected U.S. Representative 
David Vitter and that he will contact Robert Monroe of the local Monroe Foundation.. Ms. 
Schwegmann will talk with her contacts in Baton Rouge about state funds. Bell suggested that 
Matkin needed help from other board members in approaching various funding sources and said he 
would talk with some local politicians.

Some board members felt that a name for the museum should be more all-inclusive and not give the 
impression of being only for and of the New Orleans area.  No action was taken at this time, however.

Earlier, several board members and prospective members contacted Matkin with regrets that they 
would be unable to attend, but do wish to be on the board.  Ed Clancy took a tour of the storage area 
and looked at the proposed museum site, as did Ms. Linda Mintz.  She felt she could not join the 
board but will support efforts with her talents and ideas.

The meeting closed with no definite date to meet again, but for all members to keep in touch with 
progress reports.

Charlie Matkin, President
New Orleans Radio Theatre, Inc.
Broadcast Arts Museum of Greater New Orleans
We will be listing donations (memorabilia, equipment, funds, etc.) in the near future, in addition to progress on acquiring a site. Stay tuned."

Updated June 10, 1998

We have collected numerous pieces of vintage broadcase equipment over the last several months and been promised even more. However, we have had a bit of a set-back due to the sale of the warehouse where these items are being stored. A couple of generous folks have offered the use of other space, but we hope to come up with a permanent site for the museum and sufficient storage before having to move everything by the end of the year (possibly as early as October). More details will soon follow. Next on the agenda is some form of fund-raiser. We are getting some good prospective board members and help from other individual and groups. Link to our other pages for more on that. Stay tuned!

Up-dated in October, 1997: This is another progress report on the Broadcast Arts Museum:
As reported eartlier, thanks to Joseph Canizzaro Interests, we have been donated about 1800 square feet of storage space, part of it air conditioned. We now have the use of both storage rooms, and keys which allow access during business hours Monday through Friday. Donations of memorabilia and equipment have started coming in and we should be getting someone to start cataloging it soon.
We have been told that when WBYU-AM moves into new studios, most of the old equipment will be donated to us. There is a possibility of another station doing the same. Unfortunately, we sometimes make contact too late; Loyola University had just junked a lot of things by the time we talked with them.
Paul Yacich and I went to Baton Rouge recently to meet with those in the Lt. Governor's office, the LA. Division of the Arts, LA. Dept. of Culture & Tourism and others that we had only talkedwith on the phone, previously. We also visited the studios of WBRZ-TV and made contact with the Manship Foundation. We will be applying soon to ask if they will help us with some start-up funds.
Deirdre Yacich Fagan gave us some good contacts, also. She will be helping to write some grant proposals for us.
I have been in touch with some old and new friends on the internet who will be donating/loaning us some old radios, etc.
I spoke with Herman Mhire of the LA. Ass'n. of Museums in LaFayette. He was very supportive and gave me the name of Dale Anthony Smith, who has a lot of experience making museum exhibits. Dale designed the (Brooks Reed) one at the old Capitol Building based on what he had seen at the Chicago Museum ofBroadcast Communications. We will get together in the near future to discuss our plans.
There have been many contacts with former N.O. broadcasters: Bill Stanley, Bart Darby, Ed Planer, Jim Stone, to name a few.
Linda Leavitt Bell responded to my email and we are to talk soon.
I had a very productive meeting with the Merchandising Manager of New Orleans Centre, the upscale mall next to the Superdome. She felt putting our museum there would be mutually advantageous. I gave them a written proposal but after the first of the year was told the mall had been sold. We are still welcome to have some space there, but it will not be free. Stay tuned! I am continuing the search for a prospective site.
Charlie Matkin, President New Orleans Radio Theatre, Inc. Fax: (504) 282-6404 is now FAX ONLY. For voice messages use (504) 283-2892.
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We sincerely thank you for your interest.

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